You’ve worked tirelessly for years to ascend, to build something, to provide. Now you want something, someone, just for you. Flights alone are long. Empty luxury hotel rooms are eerily quiet. Meals are quick and joyless. Every time the dreaded phone buzzes it’s another crisis, another fire to be put out. It feels like everyone hears you, but no one listens. Lately you’ve thought to yourself, could that tired cliché actually be true?

Amy is all about the experience. From front row during the Anvil Chorus to feeding sharks in Tiputa Pass, from the paddock in Monza to being dropped off in the Monashees for some fresh tracks, from meeting our ride at Signature to landing at Atlantic, from blinis and Bellinis to the crack of the mallet in Palermo… if her type of luxurious companionship is fit for the king and/or queen that you feel you are, Amy may just be your new “beloved.”

Naturally curious with an effervescent spirit, Although just 25 and bursting with an energetic aura, you will find an “old soul” under her exotic and intoxicating exterior. Layla Spencer is considered one of the top VIP private models in Vienna and she prefer to keep my engagements small, focus is on quality over quantity.