Erotic services in Salzburg
14 Oct 2020

Amy is all about the experience. From front row during the Anvil Chorus to feeding sharks in Tiputa Pass, from the paddock in Monza to being dropped off in the Monashees for some fresh tracks, from meeting our ride at Signature to landing at Atlantic, from blinis and Bellinis to the crack of the mallet in Palermo… if her type of luxurious companionship is fit for the king and/or queen that you feel you are, Amy may just be your new “beloved.”

Amy, meaning “beloved” in Latin, is an expression of what she offers and seeks. She’s one of the world’s most limited, yet sought-after companions, calling home Los Angeles but being found wherever her small circle of friends chooses to meet. The inimitable integration of a keen intellect, published model physical beauty, and quality upbringing has made Amy the first choice for escort in Salzburg, experiencing the truly extraodinary. It’s the unique balance between the energizing and the relaxing that she loves to share with you…for the love of romance and exploration.

I’m so excited to spend time with you and share in our adventure together. In order to make our introduction go smoothly I invite you to take a look at the details I have listed and request that you have that information prepared upon our initial call, email to me, inquiry, etc. I appreciate humor, intelligence, and gentlemanly manners while booking our session and for the duration of it.